National Association of Call Centers


Building upon decades of industry experience combined with the rigorous research standards of the university environment, the National Association of Call Centers (NACC) is uniquely positioned and ultimately qualified to provide strategic and tactical consulting services to those involved in all aspects of the contact center and customer service industry.

All consulting engagements will be led by and will include NACC Executive Director David Butler, Ph.D., and/or NACC Research Director Paul Stockford.  Additional resources from experienced NACC partners will be brought into consulting engagements on an as-needed basis.

Our enterprise consulting practice is highlighted by, but not limited to, the following areas of engagement:

•    Hiring, firing, retention, turnover and staffing
•    First Call Resolution (FCR) and other metrics
•    Equipment and technology
•    Business process mapping
•    Site selection
•    Customer satisfaction
•    Employee satisfaction
•    Return on investment measures
•    Cultural change

Our vendor or supplier consulting practice covers a variety of topics and activities including but not limited to:

•    Complete product analysis in a live environment at Call Center Lab at The University of Southern Mississippi
•    Competitive analysis
•    Product positioning
•    Market positioning
•    Market analysis
•    Market forecasts

For more information contact [email protected].

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